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Colaborativa is a Brazilian platform that uses semantic intelligence in the search, creates projects based on cognitive learning and gamification. In 2018 Colaborativa enters a new phase and for that, they decide to redesign the logo and brand identity.

Their goal was that the logo would be flexible enough for all the applications and that transmitted what the company is and what it does. As a final product besides the possible applications they needed a brand guideline too.

The essence
For the symbol, I wanted to create something that could be a pattern made by a machine but at the same time was human and friendly. I thought that something based on generative-art, something that grows step by step, as the knowledge of Colaborativa platform could be a good solution.

It represents the multiplication of knowledge in a constant way, being created from a generative pattern. From something small, we go to something infinite.

Unique Font
An ad hoc typography was created, the C is more striking because it is used in the symbol. The source transmits humanity through its curves and movement, one letter supports the other maintaining a rhythm. Yet it is stable because it is balanced and proportional.



CircleMe for iOS was the first opportunity that I had to work in the full process of a product. From understanding quite a bit the background of the app (I worked for the Android Tablet version 3 years before) to the ideation, wireframes, design, prototype and test.

User Experience
Starting with the product structure and determining a simple and intuitive user-flow.
Design & Craft
Taking care of the types, colours, icons, animations and all small details.
Test & Redesign
Understanding user-needs and working with the team to make users happy.

Teaser & Welcome Email

Apple Store

I created some icons to make all the app interface consistent, friendlier and fresher. CircleMe brings some new concepts which at times were difficult to convey as a message. Probably the most complex was to develop the “Trust” icon. Hopefully I achieved good uniformity and clarity in all this work.

Corti Teatrali

Corti Teatrali is a new company which aims to open in Milan the first concept of a multi-theatre location, where from a social cafè area the people can access 1 of 5 little theatre rooms where they can enjoy short performances in an intimate environment with no more than 20-25 spectators each.

My approach was to work with a logo that could be simple enough to serve us well for all the necessary applications, and that could then be extremely modular. I wanted the logo to still reflect the dynamic-sense of the location, where people would enjoy continuously different shows playing, potentially with each room offering a different style; all of these shows being enjoyed for brief periods of time and in a small location where people would probably live a very intimate experience.

Madrid Fashion Film Festival


The Madrid Fashion Film Festival started in 2013 and all the branding and communication, from the first presentation to the labels on the trophy, was made by me. It was a great experience to live all the processes of the festival’s creation. Moreover, it was fulfilling to experience the success of this first year, which made the event continue to be produced in the future years.



For the Electropical Tour that Meneo did in Latin America in 2012, I was invited to create a poster and some merchandisign.